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CAM Software

  • Mecsoft VisualMill

VisualMILL is a flag-ship CAM software package and is ideal for mold, die & tooling, wood working, rapid-prototyping and general machining

  • DeskProto CAM

Low cost 3 or 4 axis CAM software for Rapid Prototyping.

  • Galaad CAD/CAM/CNC

Fully integrated CAD/CAM package for 2.5D design work



+44 (0)1604 646 531



G-code Technology have worked with hospitals and medical companies to develope systems for particular diciplines...


MediCARVE Seating
 - A complete pckage incorporating a machine, hand held scanner, and software package to aid in the construction of acurate wheel chair seating for patients.


MediCARVE Orthopedic
 - Small dektop machine suitable for machining two insoles in foam or plastic.

MediCARVE Masks
 - complete system of machine, scanner, and software for the accurate creation of facial masks for radiology, burns or other requirement.

Service Centre

Service/Support for other manufacturer machines: 

- Unimatic/Educam

- Techno CNC

- isel


Customer Profile

MESA studio 

CNC Machining & Fabrication

MESA provides a range of CNC cutting services, fabricating of bespoke models, protoypes, furniture and more. Click on the image above to visit their site and learn more...

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